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3 ways to highlight your Community’s top influencers

Let’s face it, without your members your community would basically be like you sitting in a darkened room talking to yourself. Pulling members in, getting them engaged and then keeping them engaged is tantamount to the success of your Community and ultimately one of the crucial aspects of your role as a Community Manager. As your customers become engaged and (hopefully) super-engaged, something you should look to do is help raise their profile and try find ways to bring them into the spotlight. They’re already doing this by being who they are and engaging the way they do within the Community itself, but there are a few things you could consider to really build on the partnership you’re nurturing and help promote the brilliant people that they are. Here’s some suggestions:

  • Get them on your blog. If you have a blog why not run a monthly spotlight feature, a Q&A or Case Study done in collaboration with one of your leading influencers? It’s a great way to get their name out there but also to get insights, for both yourself and your members (and even the wider public audience if your blog is public), into what value they’re both gaining and generating in your Community. We’ve started a monthly series where we feature some of our most influential members and they give some great insight into their business and use of our products but also into how they approach Community. You can see some of them here.
  • Follow them on appropriate Social Channels. If you’re not following your members on Twitter then you should be. It gives you the opportunity to get to know your members even more, but also enables you to share the great content that they’re contributing to the wider world. I have a list in Twitter with members from my Community in and I LOVE to read what they’re doing outside of our Community world. They also produce some great content and share some awesome features from people you might not normally see.
  • Pull them into conversations where you feel they might be able to provide value. If one of your members posts a question that you know, or think, one of your top members would have an opinion on, or some advice or experience to share, then make sure you @mention them and bring them in. You can do this both inside your Community but also in the wider social sphere, assuming you took care of number 2!
  • Do you look to spotlight any of your members and help to raise their profile? Any other tips and suggestions? Let us know in the comments.


    Are your leaders leading in your online community?

    Your leaders should be using your internal platform. Fact.
    Too many times do we hear of business leaders not engaging on internal collaboration platforms such as Yammer, Jive and Chatter., often citing reasons such as , “I just don’t have time, I’m too busy”, or “I don’t do Facebook!”

    REALLY??? They’re completely missing the point.

    How else are they supposed to keep up with what’s really going on around their business?
    We’re not talking word of mouth from some middle manager who wants to make sure their team looks good. We’re talking the real talk that employees are probably saying at the water cooler already, or in a private Facebook group, but they’re not hearing.

    How else are they going to begin engaging with staff around issues that affect the workforce?
    Staff are likely going to use the platform to voice concern over issues that affect the way they work, whether it’s the need for a new printer, or debate around a long term service award, or the latest changes in products. Ongoing conversations often start here and their presence is needed.

    How else are they going to be able show the rest of the business how transparent they’re being?
    The opportunity to show staff the work that they do in keeping the business running, the meetings they’re having, efforts to improve things, challenges they’re facing. This can all encourage debate and problem solving. I would hazard a guess it’s not happening right now.

    How else are they going to gauge immediate opinion on key debates?
    Real time response to key issues and news releases. Announcing that you’re introducing a good long term service award – post it on your community and see the responses that come in. Removing another benefit? Do the same and watch the debate.

    Where else can a 2 second action, such as liking a post, have such an empowering effect on the recipient?
    If you see a post you like, then Like it. The effect it can have on one of your employees to know that you read it, and you liked it, if nothing else, it will make them feel they are being heard and have the confidence to post again. Then imagine the potential when they actually begin engaging in conversation there too.

    How else are they going to convince people that this new fangled community thing isn’t just a shiny new toy that the grown ups are given to the kids to play with. It’s an insanely valuable tool that will be used to engage, share, collaborate and be open with everyone across the WHOLE business.

    Now, what were you saying about not having enough time to do this?
    Surely this is just too important for you not to be on there?